Without Alarm

Cio D'Or - Wildseide

If buildings were designed with all senses taken into account, and there were places you could visit that appealed to your sense of hearing as much as to your senses of sight and touch--where every acoustic parameter was engineered to bring the inhabitants new and interesting sensations--you could, conceivably, experience a building in whole just by listening to it (which is, btw, close to what I think Pietro Riparbelli is up to with his Cathedrals project), even reconstruct a building based on a recording. That's a long and probably dumb way of saying that "Wildseide" feels like a sonic blueprint, like walking through a World Expo pavilion that's made out of sound, that exhibits only sound. Cio D'Or, fantasticht.

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Mint Rods

Mount Vernon Arts Lab - The Black Drop

Pitch Drop Experiment

The Black Drop

THE VISCOSITY OF FATE (unfilmed Twilight Zone segment)(alternate title: BAD TO THE LAST DROP)

In 1962 a group of undergrads at the University of Queensland decided they wanted to liberate the pitch from the Pitch Drop Experiment. They scaled the walls of the Physics Department compound (now fortified because of previous pitch-stealing attempts). They cut the windows with diamond-tipped fenestricizers. They slipped in and snuck through the hallways. When they found the laboratory room in which the PDE resided, they sat and watched--a drop was extending its head down from the funnel, and it was on the brink of falling. The campus police found the undergrads the next morning, still in the lab, still transfixed by the drop. All of them were dead. THE END. Also, the policemen died.

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Graham Coxon - That's When I Reach for My Revolver (Mission of Burma)

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Peter Gordon & The Love of Life Orchestra - Don't Don't (Reprise)

What happened sixty-some years ago when Orson Welles was filming his documentary, It’s All True, and a fisherman, Jacare, who was cast as himself, the fisherman Jacare, re-enacted the voyage of a raft of Fortalezan fishermen, brave souls all, who were sailing down to Rio to protest and militate against political bullshit of various types, and this Jacare, the poor bastard, fell off the raft during filming and wasn’t found for two weeks until his remains were discovered decomposing in the body of a shark caught off the coast of Rio?

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A Little Shelf Esteem

Mountains - Sheets Two

Word is that Ridley Scott’s Monopoly movie will delve deep into the moral corruptions endemic to capitalism—reputedly there is a ten-minute scene where the Monopoly Man indulges in fried dodo legs while wearing a waistcoat made only of narwhals (in possible homage to both "101 Dalmations" and the "Greyhounds" episode of the Simpsons). Films de jeux.

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undique cras

EOD - Came Went

The bug oviposited its eggs, laughed and took a look around.

The space of space expanded, got chilly and grew thin.

I patted my brood pouch, clicked my mandibles and yawned.

She put down someone's wife, leaned against a wall and lit a cigarette.

He bounced once on the board, doffed his swimsuit and fell into the pool.

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Blog Radio’s Amazing Tales of Guest List Exploits

The Limousines - Very Busy People

This song. Sirius has been playing it for at least two years. I recently subscribed again to satellite radio, and was astounded that this was still in fairly heavy rotation. It's one of those songs that's so annoying it becomes irresistible (that would be an interesting mix--one composed around the theme of musical masochism). Musically speaking it's a trifle: harmless beats and synths are the matrix within which some totally bizarre lyrics are embedded. The singer strikes such a puzzling attitude--it seems like there's a lot of condescension and shit-talking going on, but then other parts are weirdly tender and earnest ("So come on over and/knock on our door/it's open/what you waiting for")? A passion play for the HRO crowd? This freaks me out in almost the same way that Teenagers song did (also a satellite radio staple).

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who will win the nobel prize for best gchats?

Gregor Samsa - Three


Nothing in the world can quite approximate the feeling of arational dread that this show could elicit. To wit: the main set was composed of a short wall or counter in the middle of a hermetically sealed geodesic dome, where the child stars would interact. Whenever anyone said "I don’t know," they were ‘slimed’ with a green, muculent (poison) substance. Any request for water was quenched by a pressurized blast of aqua to the head. The kids who starred on YCDTOTV had no idea that they were prisoners, held captive in some sort of Cartesian mindfuck. Considering that any profession of ignorance or thirst was met with extremely negative reinforcement, one would think that the kids would be conditioned over time into becoming arrogant know-it-alls who hydrated by drinking each other’s bitter, nervous sweat. The only visible adult character on the show was an archetypal sexual predator who wore his hair parted, his lip mustached, and his torso swaddled in plaid. YCDTOTV was originally aired in Canada, and it’s as if the producers channeled the accreted toil and wintry misery of every inhabitant and poured it into this show.

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Breton - Pop Death

Here's another small excerpt from my forthcoming mp3blogging memoir, "Bit Rate and Hit Rate." The below discusses "Transfinitude," an obscure mp3blog that existed from 2000-2001.

I stumbled across Transfinitude thanks to a post on the Belle & Sebastian message board (which in those days was an actual cork board, housed in a loft outside London, which was updated by a fastidious team of volunteers, who would take photos of the board every day and send copies of those photos, via post, to subscribers). The site was primitive: a splash of color, a dash of text. There were mp3s, but not of popular songs--the mp3s were the criticism, they were songs written about other songs. A little rondelet about Elliott Smith's "Son of Sam." A twelve-minute electro dirge about Portishead's "All Mine." A damning and startlingly grave instrumental response to G. Love's "Rodeo Clowns." The site's motto, written in an unidentifiable font, some sort of helvetica-bookman crossbreed perhaps, was, "Architecture is frozen music, and writing about music is like dancing about architecture, and so this is a foxtrot done inside an igloo." Surely meant as some sort of aphorism, though the syllogistic structure went right over my head. Transfinitude disappeared without warning in the summer of 2001.

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Amanat Ali Khan - Insha Ji Utho

The cranes of the city were visible by their guide lights, spaced out along the length of their arms. When H squinted, the cranes looked, against the night sky, like illuminated ellipses, like the food-dots in Pac-Man.

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