Creep Crazy

Peppercorn - Creeping For Your Love


As conjectured before, creepers get a bad rap, and Peppercorn has written a song that reclaims creeping as an activity worthy of praise and admiration. Creeping as a necessary part of seduction and wooing. This song highlights the aspects of venery and hunting that are part of some romances--keeping an eye out for that chance encounter, learning more about the other person by paying attention to natural signs (augury has become a hugely popular activity among participants in the online dating scene), collecting spoor. "Creeping For Your Love" has those soft-focus guitars that you hear sometimes in Echo & the Bunnymen, and there is an early autumn feeling to this music, perfect for this pivot from one season to the next.

[Check out Peppercorn's fantastic little Wasted Summer]

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This mix is from Porter, whose previous mix is here

Oberhofer - Dead Girls Dance

Liars - A Visit from Drum

WU LYF - Dirt


I think it's interesting to hear the similarity in the style and role of the drums (especially in the introductions) in what end up being quite different songs. (The Liars song definitely makes me want to build a bonfire to dance around.)

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Sun Airway - Wild Palms

Wild Palms

Sun Airway, from Philly (ex A-Sides, a great band), a possible reference to a Faulkner book that moves all over the map, into the swamp, beside the autumn lake, into the winter cave camp, from a party in New Orleans to an amateur abortion done on a cold floor, and a sorry death, and into a jail cell, but who knows, maybe not. Alien sounds in this song provoke alien feelings, though I do love that line, "Just give me your time/I don't want your trouble, your trouble."

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Cornish Jokes part two

The Tuss - Goodbye Rute

Cornish Hen


Fata era whye keele?

Thove zehez!

Vedo whye cawas badna?

My a'th kar!

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Sure and Glimmer

Tim Paris - Edges of Corrosion


The erg ran to lap against brown-green mountains in the far west, and seemed to ripple back onto itself and gain both volume and liveliness, for the dunes in the middle distance presented a series of massive gleaming swells, a wind-thrown ocean painted still and solid, smooth and skinlike, their curvature suggesting a body turning under sheets in the course of a night's sleep, and beyond that the sky reigned over whatever desert began anew on the other side of the brown-green mountains.

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Library Tapes - The Typewriter


This is where it all began. Return. On these keys. The potentiality. Return. Of a perfect book. Return. Just as Michelangelo’s David. Return. Is contained within every block of marble. Return. So is Gatsby. Return. Hiding within these monospacing rows. Return. And those twins of the ampersand. Return. War & Peace and Crime & Punishment. Return. Though not in their native forms. Return. An infinite sequence of letters. Return. It all depends on how. Return. You group the terms. Return.

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obscenitiae vitae

My Morning Jacket - At Dawn

Even backwards this is pretty intense:

Again. And my life starts again. Their life ends. But that's when my knife rises. Forget the papers, forget your musical dreams. Singing over and over again: all your life is obscene. Beat this thought into your head. They'll burn your papers and your empty trashcans. They'll haul you out to the street. At dawn they ride again.

I will never tire of this song.

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Missed Correctives

RNDM - No Beginning


RNDM (Oliver Kargl) has worked magic here with a sample from Steely Dan's "Do It Again." For me personally, this is a weird dream come true, the combination of Dial Records (or, really, Laid) and Steely Dan, a band I've written about a number of times for academic, professional, and romantic purposes. Reminiscent, in some ways, of Villalobos's "Fizheuer Zieheuer," with its horn exclamations and landscape of minimal gradations and declivities, "No Beginning" also has commentary: someone in the background keeps saying what sounds like "I'll tell you," in a distinctly plaintive voice, like there's a message here, and the track gets busier and looser as it progresses--from a dense and tightly packed initial state, this thing expands and becomes more and more complex. It could be that there is no beginning, this has already been happening forever. You can't do it again because there is no 'again,' and never will be. This is the infinite Dan, imagined by RNDM.

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Clarity of Operators

Lavender Diamond - You Broke My Heart


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House of Hales

Devendra Banhart - At the Hop

This is still my favorite song from Niño Rojo, which is still my favorite Devendra Banhart album. "At the Hop" is simple and charming, a quiet & funny anecdote, the kind of thing where, if you overheard it, you'd count yourself lucky. There's the weirdly quaint ("greaseball heaven, with Candypants, and Archie too") next to the weirdly direct ("put me in your dry dreams--put me in your wet, oh if you haven't yet"), and listening to this I can remember why, at the time of this album's release, Devendra Banhart was THE GUY, for all intents and purposes the face and living embodiment of freak-folk (the Spirit of Beard made flesh). This was when each newly pressed CD-R on foxy digitalis was snatched up by people, okay, some people, okay, just me, with the sort of undiscerning mania you see in shoppers right before Christmas. Of course it all fell victim to entropy, exhaustion, imitation, weakness, and diffusion--but for a little while there, the freak-folk juggernaut (old guitars, redwood logs, mud from Max Yasgur's farm, eagle feathers, tons of quartz crystals) seemed like it would never stop.

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