Ce bhfuil ag an doras?

Jane – Berserker

Jane is Noah Lennox and Scott Mou. The first minute or so of ‘Berserker’ is vinyl-esque clicks and pops, coupled with some Cocteau-Twins-at-the-wrong-speed percussion. That changes quickly though, when Mou brings in a soft drone and what sounds like a bushel of tinsel to accompany Noah’s formless vocals. There are short and ethereal jet engine sounds occuring intermittently. I feel like this song is what it would sound like to listen (over a walkie-talkie) to someone singing to themselves over top of very pleasant television static. The production on ‘Berserker’ is so deep and dense that there are dozens of fleeting ribbony drones that slip quickly back into the mix before you can really get a handle on what’s happening (i.e. make sure you listen to this at a high volume, or on headphones). These two were anticipating musical trends that wouldn’t come to fruition for another 6 or 7 years after this record was released.

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