Words, their friends

Boof – Looking Around In 5c

Boof, also known as Maurice Fulton, the man behind MU. Fulton made a comment in Bassfretters (the bass player’s version of Prevention magazine) that what he was aiming for with this album was a conceptual journey into the heart of Martin Mull’s character in Mr. Mom, a movie he considers one of the finest American comedies of the last forty years. “Looking Around In 5c” is the first track on the album, and you can hear the swagger of Martin Mull’s “Ron” in the play of that bass, and the unrestrained sexiness (symbolizing Ron’s feathered hair) of those synth squeals. The 5c of the title refers to the five standard colors used in printing, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and feldgrau. The Ron character was an advertising executive, and was always looking at the world in full color, with all his perceptive powers trained on the task of marketing things like canned tuna. The concept of the album gets a little rough, especially in the middle-going, but the music stands up.

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