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Animal Collective – Sponge Luke


I wrote about this song a while back, and was reminded of it while listening to the Animal Crack Box rarities collection. As far as I know, this has never been released in any form, and might’ve been played only that one time, at the Bowery in 2004.

There could be a two-part suite where Black Dice’s ‘Miles of Smiles’ follows (almost) seamlessly upon AC’s ‘Sponge Luke’; both songs possess a fire-eyed nocturnal gleam and menace. ‘Miles of Smiles’: humidity slick cicadas whirr and grumble, while ‘Sponge Luke’ has the bubbly kvetching of innumerable lily-bound frogs.

‘Sponge Luke’ feels, always, like it has been stitched together roughly in front of me, and it’s a thick-threaded, expansive cloth: a sheet for the summer, a thunderstorm comforter. Avey Tare’s vocals on this have the same sort of kid-party feel heard on certain “Sung Tongs” tracks (I think ‘Sponge Luke’ actually dates back to that era), which I enjoy.