Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury – Inhale


Geoff Barrow (of Portishead and BEAK> and Quakers) worked with Ben Salisbury on a soundtrack for a Judge Dredd movie. Not the Judge Dredd movie that just came out. A Judge Dredd movie that exists in another, more perfect world. The project, or soundtrack, is called Drokk, and it is weird and wonderful (the real movie, “Dredd,” is neither of those things, but it is both watchable and sort of entertaining). Much of Drokk sounds like BEAK> with the haze and menace turned up, and it follows the rhythms of some of the best sci-fi soundtracks, in that there are tracks that are pacey and grim, followed by songs that simply respire. Mystery leads to resolution leads to additional mystery and complication. Also, Geoff Barrow is (I think) a stone-cold genius and it’s always great to hear his work.

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