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Great Thunder, as discussed here, is Katie Crutchfield (from Waxahatchee) and Keith Spencer (bassist for Swearin’, Allison Crutchfield’s band), making music in their Philadelphia apartment. So, part domestic diversion, part collaborative passion, part-time fun. Groovy Kinda Love is their second full-length album, it’s 30 tracks long, and it is like Wowee Zowee to the nth degree. This album shifts genres from song to song: adventurous punk, scuzz dispersions, acoustic greetings and laments, dead-eyed philippics, and casual gut-punch tunes like “Singer’s No Star.”

I like Keith Spencer’s voice a lot, and he writes great lyrics. But Katie Crutchfield’s voice is at once dismissive and tender, complexly rough, and it’s a wonder to hear her sing with just piano accompaniment. I recently saw Waxahatchee (and Swearin’) play in Portland, and Crutchfield sang her songs with a sneer on her face at some moments, and I couldn’t tell whether that was because she was tired of singing them (mostly the ones from Cerulean Salt) night after night, or because those songs required her to sneer to even sing them rightly. “Singer’s No Star” is so good, it is worth downloading the whole album just for this one song, though everything else is fantastic as well.

Calendar year 2013 accounting procedures coming up soon. Tens of favorite songs. Some prose. A picture or two.

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