Taking it back to the pink parent


Drew Daniel finally released the YouTube-sampling, pseudo-plunderphonics stuff he’s been working on for years just the other day under the title Why Pay More? One of the tracks on this album was the first track I ever wrote about on the new site (and referenced again here), and it pleases me greatly that 1) there was more music like Party Pills and 2) the rest of the album is all just as fun and fucking weird as that track. You can pay nothing for Why Pay More? or you can pay something, it’s up to you. I will posit that it is worth something. Are You Looking? is a spectacular track (and generally representative of the sound of the album): it is protean, beatful (?), and webbed with odd & entertaining vocal snippets. Get into this if you want to surprise yourself before the end of the year.

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Something soon


Junior Boys’ new album, “Big Black Coat,” is shaping up to be a slimmed-down workout (I like when people call albums ‘workouts’. People do that, right?). Tough words. Hard beats. Plyometric synths. Sweaty sweat. Jeremy Greenspan sings here as he does on some of the band’s more pleading singles: he indulges in imperatives, but he also goes for that vulnerable register that showed up a lot on “So This Is Goodbye” (especially “What It’s For”). It’s nice to hear them turn for a slightly different sound while still maintaining all the things that make them one of the best and most interesting bands around. This album will be great.

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