omnibus mortuus


What’s the phrase for word-historical despair? Or species-wide shame? Is there an evolutionary precedent for stepping aside to let another clade have a go at the top? Can we just take a back seat and let some quadrupeds see what they can do? I think I’ve seen others talk about this before, but I’m reminded of these sentiments by Fujiya & Miyagi’s song Outstripping, which is about time passing too quickly and life disappearing, etc., which is the subject of other carpe-diemish songs too, but I think lately that there is something more urgent and real about this kind of message, especially when placed in the context of facts like bees being placed on the endangered species list, or the world passing the 400 PPM of CO2 threshold maybe forever . Anyway, enjoy this great song as you make your plans to escape cataclysm (tunneling into the Earth? Space? Deep-sea habitation? Keep me posted on what’s good).

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Brook no funny business


One of the albums of the year, easy. Paradis have delivered on the promise of all their early singles with a big album full of bright, catchy, fun-as-hell songs. This album has danceable hits (most of the songs), slow-burning sweet-gazing hand-holding ballads (Quand Tu Souris), and intense reflection (Miroir (Un), no pun intended). The closest relation to what Paradis do, I think, is probably something like mid-period Junior Boys, or maybe Phoenix at their absolute danciest, so if that sounds good then you’ll enjoy this a whole lot. It’s in French, which I can understand could be a stumbling block for some folks, but it’s enjoyable even if you don’t know a word of the language; and if you do know even a little bit of French, you can get into the lyrics and walk around singing “Un p’tit peu toi et moi,” or “c’est juste une idee, a considerer,” etc. The album doesn’t seem to be easily purchasable in digital form except through iTunes, though you can go through Discogs or elsewhere if you’re interested in grabbing the LP for the price of a good cut of meat. However you choose to do it, listen to the album, it’s good, you’ll like it.

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Comme une histoire


This is new Faint, taken from Capsule: 1999-2016, a retrospective of the Faint’s output. What I remember from the early days of the Faint was that many college radio DJs loved them, and, when I heard the band’s music, I could tell why: it offered something both complex and fun. You could talk about it, parse it, etc., and you could dance to it. If you drew a line from the dance-influenced music of the early/mid 2000s back to groups like the Faint, Six-Finger Satellite, Braniac, Turing Machine, et al., it is a tenable position–those bands were the ones who put all that in the air (again). If you never got into the Faint before, now’s your chance. Capsule: 1999-2016 is a good collection of their previous work, plus it comes with their 2016 single and two brand new songs (ESP & Skylab1979).

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