Fan is Meric Long from the Dodos. He made these songs using two synths left behind after his father's passing. Both Fire (above) and Disappear, the b-side, are fantastic. Definitely Dodos-esque in some ways (a good thing), they have that kind of roused-fury sound that appears in many of the full band's songs, a kind of shift from calm lullaby to something that sounds more aggressive and energetic, coiled. Disappear, while sounding of a piece with Fire, stretches in a different direction for Long, the bottom drops out halfway through the song and releases into a cold wave of synth. It's a great turn.

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The patron saint of skiing

photo of leaves in Tacoma

Photay's Onism is one of my favorite albums of the year. It is endlessly playable. News sounds arranged into new types of songs. Static crackle bent into sheets of fine music. Synthesized animal vocalizations carefully calibrated to harmonize with buzzing radiators. Cosmic background radiation sampled, scrubbed, and used as a foundation for an unfurling and swaggering thing like Off-Piste. I don't know where these sounds come from, but they're beautiful and pleasurable. Each song seems like it runs miles deep, there are sounds beneath sounds beneath sounds. Onism feels new, like it's pushing into a different place.

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