Nanami Ozone – NO

Near Spanish Banks Beach in Vancouver, BC

Rock music can often be a delivery mechanism for sentiment, emotion, rhetoric. In “Something to You,” it’s a back-and-forth request, a confused plea: “Scoop me up in your arms/No/spit me out in the yard.” Later: “I just want to be something to you.” Overwhelming emotion, a need for someone else so powerful that you can’t quite articulate it, but you have a kind of shapeless urge or idea. Nanami Ozone deliver this with wave after wave of distorted guitars crashing, until the song diminishes to a spindly little riff halfway through, as though pausing to contemplate, and then builds a bit before the end before it cuts out, as though it had already revealed too much.

“NO” is a fun listen, a light shoegaze album, a little more transparent, a little more upbeat.