Ellen Arkbro – CHORDS

First Beach near La Push, WA

Ellen Arkbro is back with a new record, “CHORDS.” Her “For Organ and Brass” was one of my favorite records of 2017, a record of beautiful, circulating drones. Judging by the excerpts posted from “CHORDS,” the new record has a tighter focus, with a slightly more koanic quality. You can hear it in “CHORDS for Guitar,” where she offers a series of discrete, strummed chords that ring out and dissipate, encouraging the listener to consider each one, the initial bloom of the sound as the chord is struck and the manner in which the sound decays. “CHORDS for Organ” continues her fascinating experiments with that instrument, and you can listen to an excerpt from that track too. “CHORDS” is out on June 7. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

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