Jay Som announces new album “Anak Ko”

Covert art for Jay Som's new album, "Anak Ko"

The great Jay Som (Melina Duterte) has announced that she’s releasing her new album, “Anak Ko,” on August 23 via Polynvinyl (that’s the cover art, above). She most recently released a split EP with Justus Proffit, and before that was the single “Pirouette,” and two collections of songs, her debut album “Everybody Works” and the compilation “Turn Into,” both of which were incredible and captivating.

You can listen to “Superbike,” the lead single from “Anak Ko,” via the lyric video below. “Superbike” has the same kind of protean and melodic qualities as a lot of Duterte’s songs, twisting in interesting and surprising ways throughout the course of the song. “I’m not the kind of fool/who needs to read the room,” she sings at the start of the song, sounding confident, but then undercuts that pose a little, with a pleading request, “Somebody tell me,” which she repeats throughout “Superbike.” A fantastic song that also features the band’s prettiest outro yet.

Here’s the tracklisting for “Anak Ko:”

1) If You Want It
2) Superbike
3) Peace Out
4) Devotion
5) Nighttime Drive
6) Tenderness
7) Anak Ko
8) Crown
9) Get Well

[Pre-order “Anak Ko” here]