Black Belt Eagle Scout – At the Party With My Brown Friends

Photo of Mount Rainier from the Sourdough Ridge Trail

Katherine Paul (Black Belt Eagle Scout) might be the best writer of love songs working right now. Her new album, “At the Party With My Brown Friends,” is full of amazing love songs that cover the spectrum of loves: romantic, physical, communal, familial and more. She talks about friendships, relationships, belonging to communities, supporting people, living in different dynamics. The whole album is bursting with affection and warm feeling and humanity.

“Mother of My Children” is a brilliant album, animated by sharp emotions: grief, sadness, regret, disappointment. The overall vibe of the music on “Mother of My Children” was louder and bigger than what’s present on “At the Party With My Brown Friends.” The songs on the new album feel poppier and more clearly expressed; sometimes in the course of observing an artist as a fan, you get to witness a moment when there’s a perfect marriage of subject matter and execution, like the artist has seized their own ideas so thoroughly that the work seems like a magic trick. That’s what “At the Party With My Brown Friends” feels like.

I love all the songs on this album, but I wanted to write about “My Heart Dreams” because Katherine Paul sings something that I’ve thought about and felt for a long time. “Wastin’ this life/I only want me and you/I look at this life/I only want me and you.” I think about my wife and our families, and how there are so many more worthwhile things to do than what we all do every day, so many people to witness and love.

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