Holy Ghost! – Work

Photo taken at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

Holy Ghost! released one of the best albums of the year a couple months ago: “Work.” Their first album in six years. I’ve been a fan of this band since I heard them on Beats in Space randomly (looks like it was in 2010), and I’ve enjoyed their albums and EPs a lot. “Work” still feels like a huge surprise though, and I was sad to see that this album didn’t get more attention or better reviews, because it feels like their best and most vital work since their debut. All the songs on this album have strong melodies, great sound craft, interesting textures. “Epton on Broadway, Pt. 1 and Pt.2” open the album, and those songs are big and compelling, full of showy synths, disco guitars, guest-star piano. Alex Frankel sings, both imperious and pleading, “Look at the smile that we can’t crack/Oh what a clever notion/Look at the time we can’t get back/I’m stuck inside the motion/Look at the dial my favorite track/I felt a feeling growing/Look the time we can’t back/Just give me one more moment.”

If I had to take a guess at what this album is about, it feels like it’s about change: big changes in the world, time passing, and smaller changes, in relationships especially. “Heaven Forbid,” which is my favorite song on the album, falls into the latter category. On the chorus, Frankel sings “Heaven forbid we start to/Forget and forgive like two hearts do, maybe it’s past due/Heaven forbid we start to/Forget and forgive like two hearts do, maybe we ought to,” suggesting that it’s past time to move on, let it be, find acceptance and peace. I don’t think I can stress how good everything is about this song–the vocals, the insanely catchy synth riff that makes up the backbone of the song, the wild, clambering bass: it all moves together so well. Enjoy it.

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