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TBD - Oh My

This song sounds like a big-time exhortation. Objection: a lot of dance music is hortatory, urging one to the floor, at the very least. Reply: "Oh My" is convincing in a way that other songs are not. It is rhetorically powerful. Plus a lot of other dance music is just pushy. Objection: I don't like the laser sounds or speed sounds or beat sounds or guitar sounds. Reply: You obviously don't like music. Most music is made by lasers these days.

Actually, much of this song feels like it's the sound of manipulated electricity, like someone varying the flow from two huge cables to two humongous speakers. Keeping an eye on the ohms, volts, amps, and watts; calling out the figures to his partner. (this reminds me of a weird philosophy thought experiment).

TBD is Justin Vandervolgen (formerly of !!!, Out Hud, now in LCD Soundsystem band) and Lee Douglas (who released that amazing track "New York Story" among other great things). Let's hope they've got more like this.

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