Ablative of Desire

Isolée – Schrapnell


“Schrapnell” has the bright-hued fluidity of a cartoon and the windblown bluster of a pre-storm evening. Cool. Robust. Unpredictable. Definitely imagining this as the theme song to a short-lived but outstanding animated series (like the Bots Master) about serious surfing detectives (they’re serious about surfing and solving crimes) in Australia. Maybe there’s a recurring villain too, an actor who used to be popular and very famous, but who’s now at best forgotten and at worst reviled–he’s sort of the Moriarty figure for a season or two, the one who’s behind the most dastardly crimes. Speaking of which, there is a distinct set of words that occurs mostly within the world of cartoons–‘dastardly’ being one of those, I think. “Dunderhead” I remember from G.I. Joe, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard that spoken aloud by any real person, ever. Also “blackguard,” which may have it’s most prominent use in He-Man or Transformers. I think these are words which were never really meant to be used by people in conversation with each other in the real world, only by flickering characters in worlds of painted splendor.

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