Authenticity and the Rhythm of Sincerity; Or, Shut Up and Paddle

Here is another guest post by Porter, last seen with this mix

Tennis – Seafarer

The Walkmen – Angela Surf City

Wavves – King of the Beach

It is fun to go to the beach. It is fun to think about surfing, even if you don’t know how. It is fun to listen to music that makes you twitch. It is fun to feel free to feel fun.

Having said that: Tennis can be a little difficult to digest. I like the whole klangy-guitar revivalist tone of it, but I am a little suspicious of its sincerity. When Alaina Moore proclaims her love for the boat, I find it hard to believe her. I just don’t hear it in her voice. Maybe it’s the mix, which washes out her vocals a bit. Nonetheless, it is solid summer music.

No same problem with The Walkmen, though. Hamilton Leithauser is pretty much the King of Emoting. Angela Surf City succeeds here in pairing instrument and vocal to form a cohesive soundscape: Matt Barrick kicks off the song with a driving rolling beat and does not stop. Guitar comes in sparse and then Hamilton begins his plaintive case: “Angela…holds a grudge…over nothing”. Surf lyrics or not, the sound itself is a wave. Just when you think it can’t get more intense, The Walkmen give you a restive pause – long enough for you to catch your breath – and then plunge into another furious chorus. Much like pounding waves (that now, overhead, look a lot bigger than they appeared from the shore).

Wavves is pure enjoyment. The antagonism here is playful, adolescent, and completely warranted. Seriously: leave your posture pants on the sand. The water’s perfect.

Post-Refrain: aloe on a slight sunburn, a cool ocean breeze at dusk, later in bed the way your body floats to the cadence of the sea’s ebb and flow, rising and settling in sync with your breath as you slip into sleep.

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