Fermat’s first theorem

Jetone - Mtl Bass

People should write more open letters to things that annoy them. The cultural legacy of this era should be our willingness to directly and frankly address any object, place, or concept in writing, no matter how abstract or picayune e.g., "Dear Mondays in October, fuck off and die, I hate you, best, Todd Werther, jr. accountant." "Dear fourth elevator, your buttons stick and I find your ascension rate objectionable at best, love, Ashley Young." "Dear Woman on The Corner in the Plaid Dress, Your sartorial instincts must be guided by a lack of some important brain chemical, obviously, because your outfit is hideous, yours, Jackie L." ETC. Don't be afraid to let loose, everyone. It's important for others to know how you feel about these ephemeral elements of your exciting lives. I know, for my part, that when I read someone's eloquent rant against pressurized yogurt containers and their tendency to eject little geysers of yogurt upon being opened I feel less alone in the world, consoled by the knowledge that, hey, there are other people like me out there who hate the same important things I hate. e.g. "Dear cash register at Target, a hand-cranked conveyor belt from 1901 called and it wants its super-slow, pre-industrial rate of revolution back, sincerely, Rob Trakl." No doubt future computer archeologists and historians will be grateful for our readiness to document the fucking harsh realities of everyday existence in the 21st century.

{Jetone is/was Tim Hecker's minimal techno alias. I realize this is the second Hecker-related post in two weeks, but can you ever really have too much Tim Hecker in your life? Science, or what I know of it, tells me the answer is "no."}

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