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The Avalanches - Extra Kings

It's been nine years since the Avalanches' "Since I Left You." That means there are kids who were born after the release of that record who are now having their own kids (maybe)(not really). I remember the first time I heard anything from the album--I was at a party and my friend cued up Frontier Psychiatrist on the CD player and said (no kidding) something like, "this is the future." It seemed a ridiculous and comically dramatic thing for my friend to say, and I think I probably scoffed and predicted further and greater success, possible canonization, for the Mooney Suzuki or Mum or something foolish like that. But damn my friend was right. "Since I Left You" was the future back then (c.f. the sampling techniques of people like Panda Bear, Girl Talk, El Guincho, et al. ad inf. surely some of those nine year-old kids born post-SILY are playing around on their Roland samplers, making chillwave songs out of SpongeBob dialogue snippets). Where's the second album? They've been clearing samples for what feels like three full years. Are their lawyers just lazy or horrible? If anyone from the Avalanches reads this, drop me a line, I'm working my way through the condensed paperback of "Big Ideas: an Intellectual Property Law Primer" and I'm really getting a feel for this stuff. I think I could help out.

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  1. You can judge a band by the ridiculous sounding hyperbole people shout when putting them on at a party.

    I once played DEVO at a teen party and yelled “THEY DANCED TO THIS IN THE 80S AND YOU SHALL ALL DANCE TO IT NOW!”

    Smooth moving all round.

  2. the thing is.. australians are bonkers… leave a well lectured society in an island country apart from the rest of the world and this is what you get… sample masters… listen to Pogo (real name Nick Bertke from Perth, Australia)… this DJ/VJ/goodsamaritan will endear you with fresh beats and a different perspective to the mission of music and the future of making a long lasting difference… and yes avalanches is part of his influences and yes he was like 9 or 10 when the avalanches cd came out… thats when you get a well nourished and lectured and studied child in the arts of fine music 🙂

    saludos desde MĂ©xico! / greetings from Mexico! ea ea ea ea ea

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