Radio Radio Amor

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - Source Tags and Codes

Transmission Number One

Hello, this is Dr. Dryser. We are being held captive on this island. We do not know how much longer we can hold out. This island is small but dangerous. They feed us butterfly sandwiches. We were on an expedition for Milton Bradley. Our ship had an accident after we laid anchor. We think it was sabotage. Please come rescue us as soon as possible. This island is very tiny but also densely hostile. Timothy Dalton, the actor, would like me to let you know that he is here, and doing poorly, if that adds any steam to your turbine. OVER

Dr. Dryser extends the transmission, in his head

I turn the receiver off and listen to the radio tick off static. My hands are coated in sweat. The dirt in the lines of my palms is so deep and crisp that when I press them into my shirt, I can make grimy intaglios. I’ve spent hours doing this. The other game we (me, Tobacco Annie, and Timothy Dalton) play is the story game, which involves us sitting around the fire and telling lies about ourselves. The other two try to guess which lie is the closest to being true. The winner gets an extra butterfly sandwich at dinnertime. My personal record is: 6-2.

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