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Tennis - My Better Self

I think I love Tennis! And my secondary feeling about that primary feeling is one of disbelief. Look, I never planned for this to happen. My slow exposure to this band's music has happened through the sneakiness of Sirius radio and the cunning of DJ-ing friends. I believe I had heard this song four or five times before I consciously 'heard' it, if that makes any sense. Like, I had perceived it on the radio and felt favorably disposed towards it, but had never made the effort to actually figure out who it was. Then, on the sixth or whateverth hearing, I saw that it was Tennis! Who knew they were capable of such feats. I did not, obviously. This has the same shuffling charm and total coquetry as "Origins," but it's a little lighter, a little softer.

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  1. Loving this song!

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