U.S. Girls - Jack

All the girls love Jack, and why not? Look at him. He runs marathons, that's the first thing you should know. He has that sleek ectomorph vibe--like a recovering consumptive--but where his face lacks vigor, his body is present, imperious, and bodylike. He composes poetry, blank verse mostly, on his training runs. He can whistle any John Cage tune. Do you know how good he is at conversing? The answer is: very good. Jack listens so intently that he can repeat back to you verbatim something you mentioned offhandedly to him three months ago. He can make up endlessly enthralling games and diversions using only a baking pan and a Nature's Valley granola bar. Other men quail in his presence. He was born into this world blessed with the gifts of the natural lottery, and he will not squander them, rest assured.


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