The Proper Ornaments released a song a while back called “You Still,” (which I wrote about here) a perfect little track, strong on melody, delicate and memorable. “You Still” will occasionally pop into my head apropos of nothing, even if I haven’t listened to it in months; it has a mysterious persistence that you wouldn’t normally associate with such a quiet, unassuming song. Because of all that, I’ve been waiting to hear more from them, and now comes the news that the band are releasing a single, to be followed by an album later in the summer.

“Waiting For The Summer” is catchy, of course, and like the aforementioned “You Still,” will no doubt stay stuck in your head for a while after you’ve listened to it. The vibe of this song brings to (my) mind something like the cover photo for Belle & Sebastian’s “3..6..9 Seconds of Light,” it’s all brightness, subtle detail, warm smiles, intimations of beachside happenings. [Also wonderful is the B-side, “Candy,” which is another supremely gorgeous miniature, like a densely compressed version of The Village Green Preservation Society]

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