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Gabe Hascall - Absolutely


There are things that you will always love. Javier Marias wrote something about the possibilities you carry within yourself from your birth--to your detriment or benefit--and I often think it must be the same situation with whatever it is that you find yourself drawn to, whether it's people, places, or art. I will always love people who are quick to laugh, and I will always love places that remind me, in one way or another, of my first hometown in Pennsylvania, and I will always love Gabe Hascall's voice. Since the Impossibles, since Slowreader, he's known how to handle a melody, and he never lost that skill, which is on full display here in "Absolutely." This song first appeared on his myspace page following a long and frightening absence, and it was the most welcome sign: he was back, he was okay, he was writing again. Haunted, restless, a weird memory that springs forth without provocation.

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