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Painted Palms - Forever

Forever is very much a San Francisco kind of song. This song matches up with every naive and extra-experiential idea I ever had about the city: that it was fun, weird, pretty, and full of astonishing things. There is a San Francisco like that, though you can only consume it piecemeal, never all at once, and so it helps that there are songs like Forever and albums like this one from Painted Palms, to recreate that sort-of-illusory San Francisco. I would assert that there are not enough albums like this released in a given year, ones that are fun to listen to no matter the context (in the car; at home relaxing; studying formation tactics from old World Cup games; running around a man-made lake. I have empirically verified how fitting this album is for all the aforementioned situations, but feel free to try others)(at your own risk).

Painted Palms are very much kin to Tame Impala--adventurous, teasing, calibrated to please. The album is out tomorrow. Check it out, maybe see the band play on Friday at Rickshaw Stop.

[BUY Forever]

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