Wolf Parade - A Day in the Life (Atlas Strategic cover)

This song has been floating around in my head lately, so I thought I'd post it. This is a circa-2005 Wolf Parade cover of Atlas Strategic's A Day in the Life...which was one of the best songs ever recorded by Atlas Strategic (Dan's old band), and featured on "Rapture, Ye Minions!" (check it out). I've been thinking about just how wonderful Wolf Parade were, how insanely talented that band was. I got to see them a couple times, and I'm thankful for that--once in New York for a weird Believer 'music issue' show, and another time in Philly (after they had added Dante DeCaro). The show in Philly happened between the first and second albums, and I remember they tested out some songs that were never released (including the awesome Things I Don't Know). They also played A Day in the Life, which was incredible that night and is still pretty incredible. It would be nice if they ever get back together--maybe in 15 years or something.

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