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Ahem. These two songs by Cookies, Go Back and Music for Touching, are so fucking catchy and exciting, and they most definitely represent the most interesting and wild out-of-nowhere music I've heard in a long time. I can't remember when I was so blown away by a new or new-ish act...(probably Adam Moerder's Fitness stuff was the last truly crazy debut I heard).

Go Back is a little in the neighborhood of Holy Ghost's more seductive songs, though calmer, and with a killer little gear-shift slide that recurs throughout the song. Ben Sterling (the guy behind Cookies) sings desperately, pleadingly, "I just wanna go back, baby/to the way it was before, baby/Don't you wanna go back, baby/to the way it was before?"

Music for Touching brandishes that Benny and the Jets piano-pound-cum-beat like a deadly weapon, but the song moves past that pretty quickly, it gets interesting and stays interesting from the start, right when Melissa Metrick begins singing. "I've been waiting too long, I've been waiting, waiting, waiting too long, I've been waiting for you." Metrick delivers some intensely dismissive and imperious huffs in this song, the kind of filigree that makes a great song sort of unforgettable.

Music for Touching (the LP) comes out on 9/9. You can buy it from Cookies here.

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