Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979

Death From Above 1979 - Cheap Talk

I still can't believe this band is back. The band that at one point did this, with Max Weinberg, on Conan:

Which, if you haven't seen it, is probably one of the top 10 performances on Conan, at least for wildness, and definitely for the intensity of Weinberg's involvement. DFA 1979's debut album was abrasive and entertaining and fun, and their second album, The Physical World, is just as adrenaline-rush good; their songs are wonderful for aiding the execution of fast drives and long runs. Trainwreck 1979 is such a hard brag, and like most of their best songs, it's dependent on the charm of Sebastian Grainger's expressive voice and Jesse Keeler's equally expressive bass. Same with Cheap Talk, during which Grainger sings "talking cheap will never last," though, awesomely, it also sounds like he's saying, "Duncan Sheik will never last."

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