everyone’s a music director


This song is rough, as in difficult to listen to. Why would you make something like this mishmash of TV-commercial-jingle sing-song and intermittent bass pulses AND couple it with pseudo-condescending lyrics? Also incredibly hard to understand is why some of the channels on Sirius radio insist on playing this song every single goddamn day. I swear I've heard this or "Coffee" at least once a week, and usually more, since the end of spring. This is the most insipid kind of genre-blending music, where it seems like it was cooked up intentionally by a marketing department somewhere instead of by actual thinking musicians, i.e., the result sounds like someone directing an algorithm to combine sounds that align with homogenized characteristics like 'hip,' 'indie,' 'contemplative,' and 'modern.' Just the most egregious sort of generic nothingness, all gestural and cosmetic and gross. This song creeps me out.

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