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Before this year, Paradis had already released 4 classic songs, and now, in gearing up for their LP (which will presumably come out sometime next year), they released Garde Le Pour Toi (in June) and they've just released Sur Une Chanson En Français--both are incredible and continue their perfect run. Garde Le Pour Toi, though, might be the best statement of Paradis' aesthetic yet--it's at once melancholic and downbeat and kinetic and neon-bright, somehow. It's that division of labor between the sweet, sorry vocals and the blazing hot synths and percussion. This is one of my favorite songs released in 2014--not just for the craft of it, the willingness to push the music into ever more frantically active modes, but also for the band's dedication to making conistent stylistic collateral to accompany their songs (with their videos, their artwork, photos, etc.)--I get the feeling that Simon Mény and Pierre Rousseau are communicating a complete sort of 'world' with what they do, one that's like a futurist noir, a place of alleys, fog, smoke, midnight, spilled drinks, and despairing glances.

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