Trust a Cupesman


Dude is a genius, not that I’m taking a bold stance by saying that. But I think Aphex Twin is capable of pretty much anything in terms of soundcraft, melody, rhythm, etc. I can imagine handing him a stack of complex musical thought experiments, produced by thinkers and musicologists around the world, like, say, “A planetoid is discovered to be hollow. What sort of percussive noise would it produce when struck by a storm of micro-meteorites?” or “All the cars on a highway, for no known reason, erupt in a sort of horn-song for the duration of the drive from one exit to the next, a distance of four miles. Edit the resulting horn-song into four compelling up-tempo hits.” And then he comes back a month later both with music that matches the criteria and then some extra music that he just thought of on his own; he started from the thought experiments but then added other, stricter, weirder constraints as well. There is artistic ambition and restlessness and then there’s what Aphex Twin does, which is a whole other game.

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