Urgent earnestness


There is nothing minor or niche about Into It. Over It.’s new album, Standards. It’s a big album packed with great songs; there are fast-movers like “No EQ,” “Required Reading,” and “Vis Major,” with high word counts and frantic percussion; pensive strolls like the opening “Open Casket” and “Your Lasting Image” (the latter of which reminds me slightly of the middle sections of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Styrofoam Plates” and “Transatlanticism” blown up to the length of a whole song—a good thing, in my opinion); and quiet meditations like “Old Lace & Ivory” and “The Circle of the Same Ideas.” When I listen to Standards, what I’m reminded of most are personal/confessional albums from the late 90s/early 2000s—Jets to Brazil’s Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Death Cab for Cutie’s We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes, Weezer’s Pinkerton (a little), Built to Spill’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love, and Quasi’s Featuring Birds (which to my mind is Standards’ closest predecessor in some ways)—which is all to say the music is smart, wordy, melodic, adventurous, playful, ponderous and energetic, sharp, and ambitious. You can spend a lot of time with it and enjoy yourself.

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