A script of light


You’ve got your commemorative prints right there in that corner. You’ve got your handmade wooden bowls over on that stand. Postcards, here. Posters, here. Necklaces, rings, and other jewelry, here. Magnets over by the register. Cold drinks in the case at the back. Toys for the kids along the wall. Themed snacks in that display: assorted gums, branded pretzels, and proprietary chews. This is the culmination of your experience. Take home a piece of what you saw. When you get asked about what you did on your vacation, don’t you want to be able to show people? Show them how much fun you had?

[This is all to say that Savoy Motel’s song is aptly named, surprising, and entertaining. It’s a little chintzy, but enjoyably so. It’s flashy, it’s ephemeral, it’s not responsible, and it’s good.]


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