Strange people in the city dark

Can you imagine being tailed in real life? Even if it were only during a walk around your neighborhood---how insanely unnerving would that be? I don’t know if I would ever notice, first of all, unless the tailer was very unskilled, or if I would possess the necessary sang-froid to actually evade the tail if I noticed it. I’d probably just try to duck into the first shop that would allow me to linger and browse and sweat in the company of others until the threat passed/got bored.

Joanna Gruesome, a band that reminds me of a Blood Brothers-influenced version of Los Campesinos, were apparently interfered with (possibly by government folks) when they were on tour in the US. This is (depressingly) not super-surprising, given what happened to Godspeed You! Black Emperor not too long ago when they were on tour (and there are other precedents too). Pretty Fucking Sick (Of It All) is the result of the band’s reflection upon their misfortunes here, and it’s a very good song about a very shitty thing. It’s a little Long Blondes, a little Belle and Sebastian, a little Aislers Set, a little steel and jagged anger.

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