Beach Slang do hard work. They are conductors: energy flows through them. All their songs crackle and pulse. There is nothing torpid or fatigued or half-hearted about any of their music. It is all tight-fist-around-the-mic intense; lots of uninterrupted eye contact. This is the kind of music that, if you were the type of person to not only attend but also organize church/community-center basement shows, you will receive it gratefully and cherish it. And even if you were never part of that kind of scene: this is just good music. Reminiscent, to me, of Art Brut’s early years—it’s the same spirit of joy, excitement, and ruthless pursuit of an aesthetic ideal.

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  1. Didn’t realize Art Brut had a later years. Dang–it’s been 12 years since that first one.

    • I know, it’s crazy. The later albums were pretty good, though they didn’t stand up as well as that first one (which was awesome). I listened to Emily Kane so many times when I wrote one of the stories I used to apply to UF.

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