Natural Devastastion

The book of pictures. Each page contained 100 images. Each page was a sentence that you understood through the pictures. The book contained 200,000 pages. It told the story of a young woman, born in 2025 and abandoned by her parents in an ocean-adjacent town in Florida, who becomes a member of a group of guides that helps people retreat from their lives along the old coast and move inwards, into the middle of the country, where the land is still dry. The young woman has a special understanding, it seems, of what it means to leave and be left, and so she helps the flood refugees to resettle, to reform their new identities in their new communities. She helps the surf-shop owner become a baker; the resort owner becomes an electrician (she’d always loved the mystery of wires and outlets). She keeps making these trips, out to the coast and back, helping people find their new homes, never resting, always traveling, retreating from the encroaching ocean, the sight of which she cherishes, the mesmerizing motion of those hot waves coming in and in and in.

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