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He was one of those cool youth pastors, you know, rode a motorcycle, saw christophanies in things like the Walking Dead and shit like that. Talked a lot about zombie movies, actually, and explained what those had to say about salvation. He oversaw a lot of small groups, mostly with his guitar. There were many songs about Jesus's lost years, many songs about how radical Christianity really was, when you thought about it. "The lord was the first rocker," he said, "a true rebel. He killed that fig tree, remember." Then, after a year or so of this, he seemed to dim, somehow, started to show up late all the time and would stare into space a lot when someone asked him a simple question--even one right in his wheelhouse, like about which Coen brothers movie was based on the Book of Job, etc. Then he stopped showing up altogether. We later found out that he'd moved back east to go to business school.

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