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There’s probably not many more frustrating things about human experience than miscommunicating with the person you love. Saying too much, not saying enough, saying things at the wrong time, saying insanely stupid shit, etc.; there are manifold ways to fuck up. Would it be more or less enjoyable if we communicated our internal states directly via a different medium, like our skin? If we could change colors like a cuttlefish when we were alarmed, or lustful, or defensive, or content?

Anna Burch sings about this topic—miscommunication, not cuttlefish—on “Tea-Soaked Letter.” Love, missed connection, frustration. She has a bright and seamless voice, it’s so present, so ‘there’ on every track. She has an intimate presence across the whole album, like she’s sitting in a chair a few feet away while she plays these songs. Every song on this album is catchy, Burch is a melodically inventive songwriter and it’s all supremely enjoyable. It’s that intimacy and catchiness that reminds me of bands like the Aislers Set and the Softies. “Quit the Curse” is straight-up great.

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