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Oneida are always alluring; they go where they want to go. “Romance,” their new album, continues in a vibe that’s similar in some ways to the sound of the latter two albums of the “Thank Your Parents” trilogy (“The Story of O” and “Absolute II”), but with a slightly higher proportion of all-out jams. “Romance” comes close, in an Oneidan way, to being an actual rock album—some of the tracks, like “All in Due Time,” “Lay of the Land,” and “Reputation” revolve around tight grooves and rival songs like “Up with People” or “Story of O” for dynamism. And there’s “Cockfight,” towards the end of the album, a wild (tongue-in-cheek?), let-loose, super-entertaining, riff-heavy tune (that also ends with a beautiful, fluctuating coda). The other songs on the album are Oneida explorations, where they’re burrowing down in a certain trajectory, into sometimes gnarly territory (“Shepherd’s Axe,” the final track, is one of those--18 minutes of investigation, with maybe seven or eight distinct parts).

“Good Lie,” which comes in the middle of the album, is another sort of exploration, although this one feels more delicate than the others. It starts with a simple arrangement of elements, a pulse, some piano, some background synth and vocals, and then band lets it evolve over the course of seven minutes: the song picks up small variations and minor faults along the way, and those spread and become magnified until, by the last minute, it’s become something else entirely.

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