Vexxed – Thank You Sooo Much

Looking at Shibe Park from the rooftops

Not all music comes from feelings of desire, happiness, anger, jealousy, fear, or sadness: some of it emerges from the sweet hazy sweetness of torpor. Vexxed specialize in that vibe. The songs on their EP, Thank You Sooo Much, all sit in that sweet spot of up-all-night punchiness, where exhaustion still feels pleasant and your perception and attention is stretched in unexpected ways. “Mood Ring,” the lead track, is so, so good, a languorous little jam that ends with a sparkling guitar riff. “Heavens Away Team” is likewise catchy and fun, a pretty slow-motion tune that references the (terrifyingly creepy and sad) Heaven’s Gate cult deaths. “Gimme the Money,” the last track on the album, is part Junior Boys, part Low, and part late-night karaoke dare, a weirdly lurching and beautiful track, a good example of the band’s aesthetic. The whole EP is immediately catchy and impressive, and it’ll be interesting to see what Vexxed do next.

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