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Tancred’s new album, “Nightstand,” was informed, in part, by Jess Abbott’s need to connect with people. During the time she was writing the album, she was reading, getting into different activities, and connecting with people, in an effort, she said, to “figure out what it really meant to be alive.” Something about this reminded me immediately of David Hume and his “A Treatise of Human Nature,” towards the end of which he remarks on the fact that doing philosophy often makes him sad as hell and the only thing that cheers him up again is going out to eat, or going to play backgammon with his friends so he can chop it up with them. You can kind of hear this vibe in “Nightstand” and in songs like “Something Else,” where Abbott is celebrating how much fun, how energizing and invigorating it is to encounter someone in the world who lights up those pleasure centers in your brain. Musically, the song feels like a long-lost cousin of a 90s rocker, like a Breeders B-side, maybe, tons of fuzz, guitar-forward, blazing. “Nightstand” is a good time.

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4 thoughts on “Tancred – Nightstand

  1. The Ottessa Moshfegh profile the New Yorker ran a few weeks ago revolved around the question of whether or not she needed other people. Somehow the answer was that she needed Luke Goebel?? I think the backgammon friends to chop it up with sound rad AF.

    1. Hahaha, after I read that profile, I wanted to talk to you about it. I def. want some backgammon friends too—need to learn the game first, I guess. I shouldn’t let that stand in my way really.

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