Automatic – Calling It & Los Retros – Someone to Spend Time With

Photo of the moon above Mount Rainier, taken from the Frank Herbert Dune Peninsula Park in Tacoma

Automatic do vivid post-punk: songs that feel like humming electrical substations. Imposing, metallic, sort of beautifully utilitarian. “A picture of your changing face/another standing in its place,” Izzy Glaudini sings. The latter part of the song erupts into something more sinister, someone observing an unfolding disaster and deciding that they’ve seen enough. “Let’s call it off and start again,” Glaudini sings. Automatic have also released “Too Much Money” on their Bandcamp page, and both songs are worthwhile.

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Los Retros’s “Some to Spend Time With” is an old-fashioned romantic duet, straight-up crooned. The song practically levitates: loose guitar lines are barely tethered to a loping beat, while Mauri Tapia sweetly sings, “My sweetheart/where are you?/I need someone/to spend time with/to give and share all my love.” Firelordmelisa enters the song midway through and offers a similar complaint, and her and Tapia’s voices sit together so nicely. It all seems so effortless and joyful. Los Retros just released their debut EP, “Retrospect,” on Stones Throw, and it’s all great like this, sort of an effervescent mix of Elvis, Motown, and Neon Indian.

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