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Com Truise – Norkuy

Please note that Molars has been bought out by a blog-conglomerate called Hazy Channel. This blog will now host only the freshest chillwave, whitefade, chaletio, dark step, and walpurgisnachtpop.

Half-remembered videogameplay memories filtered through beach surf summer sun atmosphere Polaroids. Like Duck Tales but with actual ducks wearing day-glo neon indian dresses from half-remembered Cross Colours clothing racks. Do you remember those half-remembered VHS basement tapes when Dylan sang the Mega Man theme through a kazoo and called it macaroni? I would post a video but it just keeps skipping. Because it’s a vinyl video. Com Truise touring soon with Pwin Teaks on the Toonerists Spour.

[More info on Com Truise]

*****End farce*****

Speaking of spoonerisms, I did want to mention that one of the best books I’ve read in the past few years is out in paperback now. “Spooner” by Pete Dexter is probably one of the most entertaining, insane, and absorbing novels I’ve ever encountered. Obviously I’m terrible at talking about books because this is sounding like a blurb you’d find in the Borders Staff Recommendations section. But: Dexter writes a lightly fictionalized autobiography, but in a way that will make you laugh perhaps an average of 20 times per chapter. There are lines and passages in this book that are so well written I had to put the physical thing down and take a breath. But it’s not just funny and elegant, the book grips you in a way that’s hard to pinpoint (maybe close to the experience of reading someone else’s love letters or emails). “Spooner” features the following: a fraught birthing scene, a burial at sea, a dead mule thrown into a blast furnace, a shredded shoulder, newspaper adventure, a terrible scene at a bar in Philly, neighborhood wars, islands.

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