House of House and House of Love walk into a bar…

The House of Love - Christine

Do you enjoy quotidian romantic drama? This would be the kind where every phone call, every email, every telegram exchanged is not only fraught with primary meaning (information), but secondary and tertiary meanings as well. What did your lover mean when she said "I'll think about dinner tonight."? Is that an elaborate feint to expose your insecurities about choosing a restaurant? Or perhaps an opening gambit in a larger, more complex campaign designed to emasculate you and your (too pedestrian, you fear) gastronomic worldview? Or your man wrote you an email while on his business trip and signed it "xxxo" instead of "love always"--does this mean he's already cheated on you or does it mean he's thinking about cheating on you?

Guy Chadwick is singing about the type of relationship referenced above. This song is full of drama. Epic drama. The kind that includes "chaos and the big sea." (that's pretty big). The droning guitars at the start of the song are a suitable objective correlative for the flat despair associated with the second-guessing, worrying, and strategizing that comes with these relationships. But that solo! Vitalizing.

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  1. I like your new digs, Kev. Very nice.

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