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Tindersticks - Let's Pretend



An honest socioeconomic version of Disney's Fox & Hound story would show the Fox, beaten down by years of poor frolicking decisions, ear-deep in IOUs to the bank, trapped, finally, in pauper’s prison, his coat full of mange, his ribs apparent through his fur, defeated and famished, inhaling his own methane-rich flatulence just to stay alive. Pull back to show the Hound, having foreclosed on the Fox’s den, chuckling to himself as he is serviced by several special-breed toy bitches while he dines daintily on the finest bushmeats (fried dodo legs) the world has to offer. Who wouldn’t rather be the Hound? What I’m saying is: it's time to get that M.B.A.

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  1. That’s the MFA mated with the NBA, right?

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