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Take a break from your toil

We lived for a time on dust and carrion. Every day, we prayed: for rain, for a breeze, for some real sustenance. We made a hecatomb of our old cellphones and watched the toxic smoke ascend to the floor of heaven, where it dissipated, as though denied entry. One day, we came upon a cow who, at our approach, shuddered and collapsed. When we cut into it, we found it had been boiled alive by the heat and its wanderings. Even the insects that lived in the ground, when we saw them, seemed tired, defeated, done. There was no respite.

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House show itinerant

He was one of those cool youth pastors, you know, rode a motorcycle, saw christophanies in things like the Walking Dead and shit like that. Talked a lot about zombie movies, actually, and explained what those had to say about salvation. He oversaw a lot of small groups, mostly with his guitar. There were many songs about Jesus's lost years, many songs about how radical Christianity really was, when you thought about it. "The lord was the first rocker," he said, "a true rebel. He killed that fig tree, remember." Then, after a year or so of this, he seemed to dim, somehow, started to show up late all the time and would stare into space a lot when someone asked him a simple question--even one right in his wheelhouse, like about which Coen brothers movie was based on the Book of Job, etc. Then he stopped showing up altogether. We later found out that he'd moved back east to go to business school.

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world death

Mt. Rainier from Nisqually

Oh man. Friends. Allow yourselves a momentary respite from worrying about the possible/probable imminent death of the planet. Take a deep breath and listen to this song, Judy French, by White Reaper. It’s not long and it will bring you enjoyment for its entire duration and what more can you ask of it? There’s an undeniable drive in this song that (musically) speaks of summer, East Coast summer, which is to say, pure and insane heat and humidity made bearable only by the freedom granted by the length of the days and the attendant increase in the likelihood of spontaneous parties of the backyard, municipal, block, illicit, and other varieties. Judy French is all yearning, pleading, hoping, cajoling. Hearts exploding with desire.

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the birth of the firework

On the 4th of July, will you be boating on a lake of sunscreen with Don Henley? Perhaps you will celebrate the birth of the U.S. by calmly and grimly drinking a gross of beers, composed of three equal parts of Bud Light, Coors Light, and Natural Light. Hold that sparkler over your heart when the anthem plays. Remain in full sun until your skin obtains the texture of pemmican. Someone has grilled a round meat with molten yellow atop it: celebrate. Enjoy the holiday, lapse into oblivion.

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exegese des souffles

Colin Stetson's new album, All This I Do For Glory, is an incredible album, and I mean that in the most literal sense: that I cannot believe that music like this exists. The new music seems like a distillation of his aesthetic and his technique, the songs feel sharp and willful and hard and yearning, somehow approaching a limit. When I saw him in concert some time in the fall of 2013, I was awed by what he did alone on stage. From way back in the crowd where I was, his silhouette suggested something more like a volunteer firefighter wrestling a humongous piece of plumbing pipe, but he produced unearthly sounds. All This I Do For Glory is a tremendous achievement, I think that's fair to say, but not one that everyone will admire, I guess; for me, there's a lot there, the album is spectacular and I listened to it maybe twice a day for a month. It is absorbing. There's no one making music quite like this: haunting, urgent, vivid, human, wild. One of the best albums of the year so far.

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De kranten

A newspaper on fire. An old magazine left in a patch of blackberries. Drops of water on the trunk of a cedar tree. The music on Ian William Craig’s Slow Vessels is here, barely. Smudged. Hazy. Covered. Momentary. The songs on Slow Vessels are all compressed versions of songs that were on Centres, Craig’s album from 2016, an album that was even more smudged and stretched-out and distorted. It’s fascinating to hear artists take their songs and turn them inside out, or essentially rewrite them like Craig does on Slow Vessels. His voice is at the front of the songs here, though, a voice that sounds like it belongs in a play, in a musical, or as the second lead in an opera, stealing all the scenes.

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De bossen

Woods' mini-album, Love is Love, is pretty hopeful, all things considered. The band remarked that they recorded it in the two months after the U.S. election, when many people felt despondent and hopeless and isolated and crazed (I felt all those things, plus an incredible and never-receding anger that shaded into sadness that so many other people could be so stupid and short-sighted and selfish and hateful and fucked-in-the-head and devoid of any fellow feeling for other human beings). It's nice to hear music that celebrates love and hope and warmth. This is a good album, with buoyant tunes.

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Been on a break

Got married at the end of April in California and, after four great years there, moved north to Washington state. Settling in. Starting to understand the customs up here. People at work keep shouting the names of lakes at me, urging me to visit and swim. Someone, a stranger, put a chainsaw in my hands the other day and gestured towards the woods as one would hand a bat to a toddler and point to a piñata: with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. I am immersing myself in the culture here. The other night my wife and I went to a restaurant that was playing nothing but Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, and Soundgarden. It felt right. The dark green branches/light green spring buds of a Douglas fir against the freakish blue of the afternoon sky is a sight. The sun doesn’t go down until late in the night here. This is all to say that the blog will be back on its semi-regular schedule soon, for the readers (?) and bots (?) out there who’ve been waiting patiently for an update. Hope you’re all doing well.

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I am a thought leader, I will lead your thoughts

This song is very good and extremely catchy. I have woken up in the middle of the night with this song stuck in my head, which is how I usually know for sure that a song is both good and catchy (though I’ll admit that this rule of thumb has its limits, since I’ve woken up with bad songs stuck in my head too, in addition to good songs that were so catchy that they made me feel a little sick. Spoon songs often fall in the latter category; there is something in their music that seems to disrupt my brain chemistry). Diet Cig make fun music.

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Natural Devastastion

The book of pictures. Each page contained 100 images. Each page was a sentence that you understood through the pictures. The book contained 200,000 pages. It told the story of a young woman, born in 2025 and abandoned by her parents in an ocean-adjacent town in Florida, who becomes a member of a group of guides that helps people retreat from their lives along the old coast and move inwards, into the middle of the country, where the land is still dry. The young woman has a special understanding, it seems, of what it means to leave and be left, and so she helps the flood refugees to resettle, to reform their new identities in their new communities. She helps the surf-shop owner become a baker; the resort owner becomes an electrician (she’d always loved the mystery of wires and outlets). She keeps making these trips, out to the coast and back, helping people find their new homes, never resting, always traveling, retreating from the encroaching ocean, the sight of which she cherishes, the mesmerizing motion of those hot waves coming in and in and in.

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