Hard Noble Hardness

Black Devil Disco Club - On Just Foot

The sheikh gave an audience to his meek subjects every Friday, for an hour just prior to prayers. I memorized the questions they asked him. Sometimes he would list to his left, tap his lips, and whisper to me. Thinking. One man said, “Is it lawful for me to imagine my wife as a tiger in estrus?”, another said, “Is it lawful for me to eat a morsel of cereal I found in my son’s car seat, which we forgot in the heat, my son, not the car seat, left behind by my son, and so truthfully the food of a dead child?” and another said, “If I pray that my wife is taken away by spirits, will I be taken away by spirits also?” The sheikh answered them all fully, in his wisdom, by deferring to the judgment of Allah, who knew all things, he said, even why a man would lust after a female tiger.

Many days, the sheikh requested that I look after his fifth through tenth wives, his least favorite wives. I petitioned many times that we put them into storage, but he would have none of that. Perhaps they would be happier on Greenland, I said. Or alone in the Phillippines. Nonsense, he said. Their faces disgust me. Their bodies are so human, too human. Very human, we can agree on that. But I would miss their ugliness. Contrast, he said.

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