Qualia Zombies

Fall On Your Sword – Rhoda’s Theme

Titan (haze)

Science makes so many promises and breaks them over and over again. Everything’s actually happening all the time at the same time, but not really, it’s more like a hologram, but not in the way you think, more like a hologram that’s made out of the secret dimensions (here are all six: stretch, sublimate, centrify, bend, patience, and tickle) of other dimensions, which are themselves part of a larger structure of membranes that come together and separate every couple trillion years, except if they’re not, then who knows what’s going on. Time might be a thing or it might be the byproduct of dark energy’s radiation, i.e. super-dark energy. You can’t ask what happened before, because there was no before–that’s like asking what the color of zero is. The frame of human understanding can only encompass so much, and what’s really interesting is probably what falls outside that frame.

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