Ida – Shotgun

There was, after all, a dog who had witnessed the murder too. All the other witnesses had been hunted down and killed. No one who had seen the actual slaughter occur could still speak about it to anyone. Except this dog. Word on the street was that the dog was a mixed breed, half lab, half Rottweiler, and that it had been hiding out near some of the warehouses on the edge of the desert. When the head of the cartel heard that a dog, and a witness, was still alive, he flew into a rage, undid his tie, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it. “Find that dog of a dog,” he said, “and bring him to me.” Several crews spent a number of weeks trying to track down the dog, but with no results. The dog, whose name no one knew, but whom the people called “Fantasma,” eluded capture, and became a sort of folk hero.

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